7th Year as Vegan – Asthma Free!

It has been seven (7) years since I shifted my vision and become vegan!! This girl who grew up in the inner City of Washington, DC, where eating my grandmother Gussie’s daily meals including  meat, eggs, dairy and seafood was a way of being, making for hours of conversation, fun, food, family and friends. I remember the day, like it was yesterday, on a flight to visit our dear friends, the Leonard’s, during our yearly West coast family vacation. I read a book by Kathy Freston called, “The Veganist”, The book changed my life forever! I entered the plane a meat eater and exited the plane a vegan! My husband and the Leonard’s thought I was crazy! Yep, I went vegan cold turkey and if you know me you know I am either all in or nada!:)

I became vegan due to my health. I suffered from a childhood chronic lung disease, asthma, all of my life until shifting. My asthma was different because I should have gained points for visiting DC’s Children’s Hospital, Washington Hospital Center, Georgetown University Hospital and George Washington Hospital for the most emergency room visits, where I was dosed with steroids and corticosteroids:  two shots in the right arm and two shots in the left arm. I was a pro at getting shots of medication that would actually help me breathe…live! This was my life all the way through my 40’s…yep you heard me but time changed, medications changed and as I relocated to Atlanta and UpState, NY, I found nearby hospitals to adopt because I knew my situation and I was not playing around with my life. The availability of mediations, in-home medical devices like the nebalizer and techniques and formulas changed and made it easier for asthma patients like me to fully breathe and live a good quality of life… ohh my! 

When it came to asthma, I had tried it all, except switching to a whole foods/plant based diet…vegan until I was 43 years old! I still am in awe thinking how I suffered all those years and all I had to do was to shift my vision and change my diet and nutrition. Today, I am an advocate to help people get healthy, shift their vision, motivate for change in wellness and healthy living because my experience kept me in bondage. I understand. I can relate and I have been there, in the trenches of suffering with asthma for many years! I know what it feels like to have short breath, to breathe as if you are breathing through a tiny straw for air, to run actively and engage in physical activity only to give in because my lungs were not strong enough, to be dependent on prescription asthma medication in order to live, to not be fully engaged in life because I was held back due to asthma.

I’m grateful for reading Kathy’s book and for doing the additional work to understand how to sustain this conscious lifestyle. I became educated about a whole foods plant based diet, attended eCornell’s Plant Based Nutrition program, attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and became a Certified Holistic  Health Coach, left my corporate executive sales job for a company in wellness to help and serve others, became a member of several International and National Boards of Drugless Practitioners, read the China Study and investing in continued educational, coaching and reading books on the subject matter has helped me help others heal. I attribute the success of sustaining my vegan diet to my education and knowledge gained over the years and the inspiration I received from seeing others experience healthy success.  It really starts with a mindset shift.
Look for my FREE guide, coming soon, on my website about making the mind shift to a lasting vegan diet. Does the vegan diet work? Yes for me as I have not taken any asthma medications, received shots, attended as patient any emergency hospital rooms, doctors’ office visits, nor taken any mediations in about 7 years! This is real family! Let’s get healthy family. XO 

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