Elsie Michelle, Just wanted to thank you for being an inspiration to me. In December of 2012, I was 45 lbs. heavier, experiencing some health problems (IBS symptoms, acid reflux, triglycerides over 400, osteoarthritis pain in one knee, and one ankle). I knew that I needed to make changes in my life. I got rid of doctors that attempted to put a band-aid on my issues by handing me a pill.

I joined Weight Watchers. I knew that I needed more vegetables that I could handle, so I started making smoothies, and taking plant based digestive enzymes. I started exercising. I started seeing an Intergrative Medicine physician, that recommended that I go on a plant based diet to decrease inflammation in my body. I always read what you posted. You posted that you had suffered with asthma and now the asthma is gone, by changing to a plant based diet. What has encouraged me the most is that you encourage people to take small steps in making changes. You post pics of meals, which gives me ideas. The meals look so inviting that it inspires me to make. I love the fact that you are so positive, and encourage me to re-think how I think about food.

Food is now my medicine. I love to cook so it is just a matter of adapting recipes, looking for based substitutes. I still want to make your vegan mac-n-cheese, and would appreciate the recipe. Again, thank you for all the information, pics, and encouragement that you post. I am now able to take Tae Kwon Do classes(at the age of 49) with my 17 year old son (black belt) while being PAIN-FREE. I have more energy, and am the healthiest that I have been in years. The greatest surprise is that I do not miss meat, and that vegan can be even more delicious !!
~Elsie Diequez-Jackson



Liana I have met Michelle back in January 2014 and it took me 3 months to finally have the guts to embrace change. It was quite scary but the best decision I’ve made in years. I could not have chosen anyone better than Michelle. Change being frightening to begin with, I was amazed how she could read me easily and implement change without scaring me to death and telling me my whole life needs to change NOW.

We started with baby steps and my journey has truly been amazing. I not only recognize my bad food habits, but now make conscious decisions for the better. I went from considering walking to the pantry exercise to doing yoga 3 times a week in addition to 3-5 times cardio and enjoying it. I love that Michelle asks about using alternatives instead of flat out NO you can’t have that anymore. She educates you on what you eat and let’s you make the decision to either eliminate or cut down on your consumption. But the decision is ALWAYS yours. This is your journey and until you are ready and understand, your triggers, your “bad” habits any achieved change will not be permanent. Since I love to cook, this experience has opened up a whole new pantry for me to create with and I’m loving it. This is the beginning and I am so not done yet!
~Liana Bickerstaff



melody Michelle is amazingly supportive. She has so much wisdom and passion regarding yoga, cooking, health, and wellness and enjoys sharing it. Very creative and I have been Blessed to connect with Michelle as we share and support one another in making the world healthier one person at a time. She is awesome try her for yourself!
~ Melody



PrivateCoachDenise Michelle is a mighty moving force in the health and wellness industry. She is passionate about her mission and offers expertise in wellness coaching, yoga, and as a Canyon Ranch facilitator. One thing I love about Michelle is her energy! Its always positive and uplifting – making you want to stretch to reach your personal goals. She is a friend, sister, and true inspiration to many. I am so very happy that we connected!
~Coach Denise



Dorothy If ever there was a health practitioner and mentor to work with and trust, it isMichelle Grandy from Ohh, Michelle. Her intelligence, knowledge and wisdom about healthy living is the ticket to your success in healing. I have had the wonderful pleasure of watching her grow, learn and practice what she preaches. Her knowledge and gifts will change your life. Her positive and genuine spirit will transform your belief in yourself.

You can’t help but pick up goodness from Michelle. I encourage you to tap her skills and bring her into your life to help you be stronger, to heal, to live and breath better.

If you are looking for a mentor and teacher in healthy living, what better person to bring into your life. I strongly encourage you to follow her and give her a call. Blessings of perfect health to you and yours. – Dorothy Joly