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Ohhmazing Wellness – a One of a Kind Wellness Book!

I enjoy the gift I’ve been given to help people live their best healthy and happy lives! My book and now an International Best Seller, Ohhmazing Wellness: Shift Your Vision and Create the Healthy & Happy Lifestyle You Deserve is a one of a kind Wellness book about 31 beautiful, powerful and courageous women from around the world!

Ohhmazing Wellness will inspire, motivate, engage and empower women to believe in self-care through the integrative wellne ss process in the areas of:

* Spa & Beauty
* Fitness & Movement
* Health & Holistic Healing
* Food & Nutrition
* Mind & Spirit
* Relationships
* Career & Entrepreneurship, and
* Finances.



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Balance for Busy Moms: Cook Your Way to Health

Balance for Busy Moms- Cook Your Way to Health’ is a handbook for moms to learn how to prepare and cook 60 amazingly healthy dishes for better health and vitality.

It’s also a resource to heal negative relationships with food with regard to being aware of herself and all aspects of her life for complete healing and mindful eating.Thirty Health Coaching professionals share their stories of transformation on how they became victorious in their life, and the common thread is that success began by first reaching a healthy state in their bodies. Each chapter is a mindful eating practice, and the lessons from all co-authors share experiences rooted in some form of neglect and self-sabotage, in which they beautifully awaken to awareness, acceptance, knowledge, wisdom and ultimately freedom from within.

We chose to create all gluten-free recipes because gluten can be the cause of many auto-immune disorders, diseases and skin disorders. It can also be the cause of many brain and nutritional deficiencies. We are conditioned to the feeling of fullness which gluten gives us, but we are not knowledgeable about the real effects. We want to move mom from the conditioned feeling that living without gluten isn’t possible to the realization that there are many ways we can eat gluten free, even if it’s only at least 50% to 80% of the time.

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Empowered Women of Social Media

Empowered Women of Social Media: 44 Women found their Voices using the Power of Social Networking. October 5th is our “Official Launch” on Kindle!

EWSM Social Media is an outlet of communication, collaboration and celebration! Noted Author Karen Bomm, Teacher & Servant Natalie Forest, 2 time best-selling author Win Kelly Charles and endorsers from around the globe have raised their voices in this #trendsetter #kindlebook. Empowered Women of Social Media: 44 Women found their voices using the Power of Social Networking began in June of 2014 when the Women’s Empowerment Network, a Facebook support group for women (WEN) reached a member mark of 24,000 members. Founder and compiler of this book, Carla Wynn Hall, started WEN in 2010 as a source of empowerment for herself and for other women who needed to be empowered and inspired.Empowered Women from around the world have joined our mission… When women come together a great energy is present. During the compilation of this book, women from 20 different countries and from all walks of life joined our movement and mission. 43 women plus author/compiler Carla Wynn Hall, have written their stories to be included in this historical masterpiece that focuses on two hot topics of today: Social Media & Women’s Empowerment. We would like your support for our Kindle Launch on October 5th! Please take a moment and sign up for our mailing list to be notified of upcoming local events. Also if you will include your city and state, you will be notified of local book signings and opportunities to meet our Co-Authors.

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