What About Those Bananas… 

What about those Bananas… You know the ripe ones, those with dark spots? Don’t throw them away. They are the sweetest and makes an excellent source of energy! 

Ripe bananas not only improves your chance of fighting cancerous cells, but it also makes for better digestion, moods, stronger bones, and better blood pressure. Eat bananas while ripe before they go fully brown. Once they get past the dark spot stage, their nutrient content decreases and they aren’t as beneficial to the temple. Freeze by peeling and placing bananas in a freezer bag if you can’t eat them once they get to their perfect ripeness. 

Here’s a Banana Meal my family enjoys:
Six ripe bananas (medium w/dark spots)

2 Scoops of Shake (infused w chia seeds, 23g protein, 7g fiber- Chocolate or Vanilla)

1 cup ice cubes

1 cup natural spring water

Mix in blender until smooth

Pour and Enjoy!💚

Makes Four 8oz Cups

Delicious Shake: www.ohhmichelle.idlife.com/shake

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